The Chinese Art Store is an online gallery offering you a large selection of brush paintings, wall scrolls and calligraphy symbol writing created by talented artists from China. Most of the artwork listed is original and/or hand painted, which is just one of the many reasons why you should buy Chinese art from this website.

Featured Chinese Art Scrolls and Brush Paintings

Detailed Chinese Wall Scroll Sets

Chinese Wall Scroll Painting Sets - View a collection of detailed and original Chinese brush painting wall scroll sets. These are some of the finest artworks you will find anywhere, offered at VERY reasonable prices. There are over 50 sets to choose from, and many are painted to order. Each set is different reflecting the original designs and talent of the artists.

Chinese Art Gallery Categories

Chinese Scroll Paintings - The Chinese brush paintings in this art gallery category are mounted on traditional Chinese wall scrolls. These Chinese painting scrolls ship to your home ready to hang on your wall without the need for any modifications.

Brush Paintings - Chinese brush paintings listed in this category are painted on rice paper and may or may not be ready for framing. Please read the details of each listing to determine if the painting has a backing material applied and/or silk brocade borders to prepare it for framing.

Silk Paintings - The history of Chinese silk paintings is nearly as old as written history itself, many of the earliest examples of Chinese silk paintings are on display in Chinese museums.

Calligraphy Paintings - The calligraphy paintings category of our online art gallery offers many different sizes and styles of Chinese calligraphy paintings on rice paper. The paintings include poems, proverbs and inspirational words in various colors and sizes.

Chinese Dragon Art - Our Chinese dragon art category features some of the finest examples of Chinese art available online. Chinese dragons are are nothing like Western dragons. In China dragons are said to bring you luck, health, wealth and longevity.

Buddha Art - The Chinese Buddha art listed in our Chinese art gallery include paintings, wall scrolls, calligraphy symbols and other artworks featuring Buddha or Zen Buddhist art. One of our most popular artworks is a large scroll painting of Da Mo, the founder of Chinese martial arts and Zen Buddhism.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - We have many artworks featuring the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The best selling item is our Chinese zodiac painting scrolls, each scroll features one of the twelve animals from the Chinese zodiac.

Art Supplies - Our Chinese art supplies category has everything you will need to learn how to paint calligraphy or watercolor paintings. The Chinese art supplies listed here include kits, sets, brushes, rice paper and more.

Calligraphy Wall Scrolls - The Chinese calligraphy scrolls category offers many sizes and colors of scrolls, and scrolls featuring inspirational words, poems, proverbs and Chinese dragon symbols. There are wall scroll styles and colors to suit any decor.

Art Services - Custom Chinese art services, including preparing paintings to be framed, adding silk brocade borders, making custom wall scrolls and Chinese name paintings.

Cut Paper Art - The ancient Chinese art of paper cut is approximately 2000 years old. Each Chinese cut paper set sold on this site contains 10-12 different animals, characters, people or flowers and are they are all 100% hand-made in China. There are additional Chinese Paper Cuts that have not yet been added to the site, call or email us if you would like to order one of the new sets.

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About Chinese Art Store .com

Chinese Art Store .com is a Division of Dragon Artworks LLC., a China import/export purchasing agent. We are an American owned and operated company, and all of our staff has been trained to provide you with excellent customer service.  We have native English speaking staff members who will answer inquiries in a timely and professional manner. We also have Mandarin speaking staff to assist our native Chinese customers in order to provide you with better customer service.

Our Mission at The Chinese Art Store

Our mission here at Chinese Art Store .com is to provide our customers with the highest quality art and imported products at the lowest possible prices.  Chinese art paintings, wall scrolls, calligraphy symbol artworks, silk and oil paintings are just a few of the products we offer.

Wholesale Chinese Art and General Merchandise

If you would like to acquire a specific artwork or require wholesale quantities of Chinese art or products listed or not listed in our online gallery, please contact us for availability and wholesale pricing information.  We can obtain a wide variety of Chinese art and other general merchandise for small businesses, flea marketers or retailers both online and offline.

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