Chinese Cat Charcoal Drawing Original Artwork
One hundred percent original and hand drawn charcoal drawing of cats, dragonfly, frog and lotus flowers.This listing is for an original Chinese cat charcoal drawing, the pictures to the right show normal and detailed views of this cat drawing. The Chinese art original cat charcoal drawing pictured in the images on the right is a 100% hand drawing. This one of a kind artwork is an original charcoal drawing featuring cats and also contains lotus flowers, a dragonfly and a frog sitting on a lily pad.

The Chinese Art Original Cat Charcoal Drawing Measures 42 x 15 Inches.

The additional images to the right provide more detailed views of the Chinese cats charcoal drawing. The first picture is the default image and will load the fastest, the second image provides a larger view of the cat charcoal drawing. The third picture is a very large close-up picture of this drawing, it provides a larger than life view of the charcoal drawing, which offers you the opportunity to see the first rate quality of this original Chinese artwork.

Please Note: This is a one of a kind original artwork, and you will receive the exact same item as shown. Please do not attempt to order more than one of this item. If you would like to acquire charcoal drawings similar to this we can have additional drawings commissioned by the same artist, though each will be different as they are all original hand drawn artworks.

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