Chinese Eight Colorful Horses Scroll
The title of this eight colorful horses scroll painting in Chinese means a strong wind speeds ten thousand miles. It tells us perseverance and energy leads you to be successful.

Horses mean strength, perseverance and speed in Chinese culture. Chinese artists very often paint horses to show their ambitions and to encourage themselves. Horse paintings are a very popular gift for blessing a friend’s future.

Please Note: This artwork is a hand-painted partial print.

The Silk brocade material used to make this Chinese wall scroll is a beautiful yellow color and the eight horses painting was painted on white rice paper.

The eight colorful horses Chinese scroll painting measures 27x70 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 27x68 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Cream Silk
Painting Size: 23x48 Inches
Item Number: cas-2757-lsp

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