Chinese Great Wall 4 Seasons Art Brush Scroll Painting Set
This Chinese wall scroll painting set depicts each of the four seasons of along the Great Wall of China, which is one of the wonders of the world.Looking at this detailed set of watercolor scroll paintings from right to left, the large calligraphy of the first painting is Chun (spring). The small words on the top means there was hiding deeply thousands Chinese history of ancient time in the spring green.

The large word of the second painting is Xia (summer). The small words on the top means after summer rain recollections the upright history.

The big word of the third painting is Qiu (fall. The small words on the top means the sound of intense autumn wind has reappeared as if the scene which the ancestor beats a drum to battle.

The large word of last painting is Dong (winter). The small words on the top means using the winter clean snow to console all previous dynasties hero.

Each wall scroll in this detailed Chinese great wall four seasons painting scroll set measures approximately 9x40 inches.

Please Note: Each set is hand painted to order, ships in one week or less.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Each Scroll 9x40 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Blue and White Silks
Item Number: bftl-32

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