Chinese Symbol for Joy Calligraphy Scroll
This Chinese Joy symbol calligraphy wall scroll painting is delivered to your door ready to hang on your wall.The Joy symbol calligraphy wall scroll is 11 wide and 29 inches tall, the scroll is made of blue silk brocade and the Chinese calligraphy painting has white silk brocade surrounding it. This Chinese wall scroll does not need framing or any other alterations, it is delivered to your home or office ready to hang on your wall. The small words on the Joy scroll are the name of the artist (Xing Chen, which means Morning Star). The artist sealed this Joy symbol Chinese calligraphy painting. Dictionaries define calligraphy as "the art of fine handwriting" and we believe it is obvious that Chinese calligraphy is the finest example of calligraphy. Chinese people invented paper, have been writing calligraphy for thousands of years and it is a highly respected art form in China.

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