Chinese Symbol for Tiger Calligraphy Painting
This listing is for a calligraphy painting featuring the Chinese symbol for Tiger, the painting measures 7 x 7 inches.This Painting features the Chinese calligraphy symbol Tiger and measures 7x7 Inches. The Tiger Painting is painted on rice paper and it is ready to be framed by a frame store. We recommend this painting be framed by a professional who is familiar with framing watercolor paintings, but if you are good at working with your hands and wish to do this yourself you can still get great results. You can search for more information on this topic. The artist Mo Yun, a Beijing, China artist whose artwork is sure to appreciate in value over time, painted this Tiger Painting. We discovered Mr. Mo Yun on one of our buying trips and liked both the man and his art, so we have begun to add his paintings to our collection of fine Chinese art.

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Item Number: cas-289-sp

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