Chinese Yin Yang Symbol Calligraphy Scroll
The Chinese Yin Yang symbol calligraphy wall scroll is made with beautiful dark blue silk brocade material.

This is a hand painted Chinese calligraphy wall scroll featuring two Chinese symbols meaning Yin Yang, measures 11 inches wide and is 29 inches high. The small characters are the name of the artist Xiao Ben Lin.

The top and bottom of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol calligraphy wall scroll are dark blue silk brocade, the calligraphy painting is surrounded by white silk brocade and the bottom contains a scroll rod wrapped with silk brocade allow it to hang straight on your wall.

This Chinese Yin Yang calligraphy symbol scroll was painted by Beijing, China calligraphy artist Xing Chen. The artist Xing Chen has sealed this Yin Yang calligraphy painting. Chinese artists "sign" their artworks by placing a seal on their artworks.

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Item Number: cas-755-ts

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