Eternity Circle Chinese Fish Painting
The eternity fish brush painting is a Feng Shui cure that is also a beautiful artwork for anyone who loves Chinese art.This is a nice new Chinese brush painting of three fish in an eternity circle. The Chinese eternity circle brush painting offered in this listing has two red and one black fish. A new version of a classic Chinese brush painting with very positive Feng Shui meaning.

The circle of life is eternal, there are no endings, only new beginnings.
Xie Tian Hai

The eternity circle is a symbol of immortality and because there are two red fish and one black fish there is a positive Yang balance of Chi in this artwork. In Feng Shui it is often recommended that you keep two red fish and one black fish in a tank, because Chinese people believe you should have a little more Yang energy in your life than Yin.

The Chinese eternity fish brush painting has been prepared for framing and the top edge is glued onto a piece of white poster board, which serves as an economical matting material. Though this painting is shown in a frame the item offered in this listing DOES NOT include a frame.

This eternity circle fish Chinese brush painting measures approximately 7x7 inches.

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Item Number: cas-5256-scp

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