Eternity Circle Fish Chinese Brush Painting Yin Balance
Add a little Yin to your bedroom with the eternity circle fish brush painting, a Feng Shui cure and beautiful Chinese art work.This is a new Chinese brush painting design depicting three fish in an eternity circle, there are two black fish and one red, which gives this painting a Yin balance. The eternity circle fish Chinese brush painting offered in this listing is a new version of a classic Chinese brush painting and has a very positive meaning in both Chinese culture and Feng Shui.

The circle of life is eternal, there are no endings, only new beginnings.
Xie Tian Hai

The eternity circle is a symbol of immortality and because there are two black fish and one red fish there is a negative Yin balance of Chi in this artwork. Because the balance of this painting leans towards Yin it is a great artworks for your bedroom, which should lean slightly towards Yin to promote rest.

This Chinese brush painting is ready to frame. The top edge of the painting is glued to a piece of white poster board that has a printed black border around the painting. Though this Chinese brush painting of fish is shown framed the item offered DOES NOT include a frame.

This eternity circle Chinese brush painting measures approximately 7x7 inches.

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