Great Wall of China Fall Colors Brush Painting
This painting takes advantage of color to trace out the unique scenery of a portion of the Great wall of China during the fall season.

Autumn is the most popular season loved by both the painters and the poets. Because of the height, plants at different levels have different colors which makes this season more vivid.

Among these colors, red is the most attractive, just as a sentence describing the red leaves in the Xiangshan. The leaves in Xiangshan can cover the sky. The soft tinge and perfect fuse of sorts of colors make this painting a perfect delight to your eyes.

Hand Painted Original Artwork

Item Size/Details

Painting Size: 7x11 Inches
Silk Brocade Color: White Silk
Overall Size: 10x15 Inches
Frame: Example Only - Frames Are Not Included
Item Number: cas-5737c

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