Herons and Plum Blossoms Painting Chinese Scroll
The title of this scroll paintings written in Chinese Calligraphy symbols is the silver dressing up the white feather.This Chinese herons and plum blossoms painting is painted in a traditional Chinese painting style. This is NOT a print, this is a work of art, the Chinese herons and plum blossoms painting was painted in China by famous artist and carries a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. It is painted on a special rice paper, which is a kind of straw paper, making the picture much more natural and adding a special feel to this artwork.

You can easily see the talent of the artist from this painting. The Chinese herons and plum blossoms painting measures about 28x49 inches. The painting you receive will be very similar to the one pictured, however it will not be exactly the same as each painting is an original work of art.

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