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Longevity and Blessing Symbols Calligraphy Painting
This Chinese calligraphy paiting is a proverb meaning you will have a long-life and be blessed as much as there is water in the Eastern sea.This Chinese calligraphy painting is painted on rice paper and features the symbols for Longevity like a Mountain and Blessings like the Sea and measures 13x27 Inches. The meaning of the blessing is that you will have a very long life and be blessed as much as there is water in the sea. The Longevity and Blessings calligraphy painting is ready to be framed by a local frame store. The Longevity and Blessings symbol calligraphy painting was painted by Beijing, China artist Xiao Ben Lin. The symbols for Longevity, Mountain, Blessings and Sea calligraphy painting is an excellent example of Chinese calligraphy writing and we are sure you will be pleased with it. Because this painting is on rice paper only, we recommend it be framed by a professional familiar with watercolor paintings, however you can do it yourself and still get great results. You can search art Web sites for information on this topic. Wish someone you know or love blessings with this wonderful gift, or buy it for your home to bless everyone in your family.

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