Original Chinese Bamboo Charcoal Drawing
A very lifelike and detailed Chinese bamboo charcoal drawing signed and sealed by the artist.

A hand drawn original Chinese charcoal drawing of bamboo. This Chinese bamboo drawing is a one of a kind original artwork from China, the drawing shown is exactly the same one you will receive. The two pictures on the right show normal and detailed views of this charcoal drawing.

I you are wondering why some of our drawing are listed for sale again after you noticed they were sold the answer is simple. When this charcoal drawing is sold we will replace the picture.

The new picture posted will be of another charcoal drawing similar to, but not the same as the one shown. These are each original, hand drawn artworks by the very talented Chinese artist Wang Chang Ming.

Chinese Bamboo Charcoal Drawing Measuring 15 x 42 Inches.

Please Note: If you are interested in this drawing we encourage you to buy it right away, because this is a one-of-a-kind original artwork. If you are interested in acquiring quantities of similar charcoal drawings they may commissioned by this artist, though each artwork will be a little different.

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Item Number: cas-5865-ccd

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