4 Talented Chinese Beautiful Women Detail Painting Scroll Set
This wall scroll brush painting set depicts four beautiful and talented Chinese women who each influenced Chinese history in some way.The calligraphy characters written on these brush paintings of beautiful Chinese women is written in a very ancient style. From right to left, the first woman was Cai Wen Ji (177-? )who lived in Han Dynasty. The big calligraphy of the first painting is Shi (history). The small words on the top means the beautiful woman Cai Wen Ji continuation the Han Dynasty history.

The second pretty woman was Li Qing Zhao (1084-1155) who was famous poem in Song Dynasty. The big word of this painting is Cai (teland). The small words on the top means Qing Zhao was skilled in the prose.

The third beautiful woman was a queen of Qing Dynasty called Xiao Zhuang (1613-1687). Her life experienced three kings of Qing Dynasty. She assisted Huang Tai Ji, Shun Zhi and Kang Xi three emperors to govern the country. The later generation calls her the mother of the Qing Dynasty. The large word of the third painting is Fu (assistant). The small words on the top means Xiao Zhuang assists national politics.

The last pretty woman was Qiu Jin (1877~1907). She wrote the article to propagandize the female liberation position to advocate the women's rights, the propaganda revolution. This painting painted when she was studying in Japan. The big word of last painting is Zheng (polity). The small words on the top means that she resolved to politics.

Each wall scroll in this beautiful talented Chinese women detail painting scroll set measures approximately 9x40 inches.

Please Note: Each set is hand painted to order, ships in one week or less.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Each Scroll 9x40 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Blue and White Silks
Item Number: bftl-45
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