The Chinese paper cuts pictures shown below have not yet been added to our shopping cart so please contact us if you would like to order one or more of these paper cut sets and we will invoice you for your order. The item number for each set is located below the paper cuts picture. The links below are to some of the paper cut sets that have already been added to our store.

Chinese Paper Cuts Already Added to Our Store

Most of these Chinese paper cut sets include 10 different paper cuts, however item 3052 contains eight paper cuts. The reason 3052 contains only 8 paper cuts is because 8 horses is a reference to an idiom meaning horses come bringing success.

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Hand Crafted Chinese Paper Cuts

All of the Chinese paper cuts listed on this page are hand crafted, they were cut by hand by talented Chinese artists. Many Chinese paper cut artists learned this art from their parents, who in turn learned from their parents. Some of these artists are proud of the fact that this art form has been passed down in their family for centuries.

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