Four Seasons Mountain Chinese Painting Scroll Set
This wall scroll painting set vividly depicts four different seasons, these Chinese brush paintings are real artworks and great for art collectors.The calligraphy on this watercolor scroll painting is written in an ancient Chinese style. From right to left, the big calligraphy of the first painting is Li (beauty). The small words on the top means a beautiful pleasant place in spring.

The large word of the second painting is Rong (flourish). The small words on the top means leisurely and carefree fishing in flourish summer.

The big word of the third painting is Cang (flourishing). The small words on the top means that the peasant family is happy with the fall harvest. A man sits down under the tree smoking.

The big word of last painting is Jing (quiet or peaceful). The small words on the top means winter-snow-still-vulgar-dirt. We can see a man who carries a cage enjoying the snow scene with his bird. The Chinese poets like expressing their yearning for the pure world with the snowscape.

Each wall scroll in the four seasons mountain Chinese painting scroll set measures approximately 9x40 inches.

Please Note: Each set is hand painted to order, ships in one week or less.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Each Scroll 9x40 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Blue and White Silk
Item Number: bftl-35

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