The Great Wall of China Wall Scroll Painting Set
The great wall of China scroll paintings in this set depict each of the four seasons, and contain calligraphy writing describing the characteristics of each season.

Celebrate the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with this beautiful Chinese painting scroll set. This Chinese paintings wall scroll set includes four scrolls featuring each of the four seasons with The Great Wall of China as the subject. Each of these Chinese paintings has calligraphy symbols written above the painting.

The large symbols on these Great Wall of China paintings of the four seasons name the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. The small characters say "Spring Rain, Summer Sun, Fall Wind and Winter Snow."

These Chinese wall scroll paintings are surrounded with white silk brocade material, while the top and bottom of the scroll are blue silk.


Hand Painted Original Artwork


Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Each Scroll 9x40 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Blue/White Silk
Item Number: cas-185-sps
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