Horizontal Chinese Brush Painting of Red Plum Blossoms
This small white horizontal scroll features a Chinese brush painting of red plum blossoms, which will add positive energy to any room and bring you good luck too.

Small horizontal Chinese wall scroll featuring a brush painting of red plum blossoms. Add some yang energy to your home or office with this beautiful Chinese brush painting of red plum blossoms. Because the five petals of a plum blossom represent five auspicious things they are also a blessing for a lot of good luck.

Did you know this wall scroll can be framed?
It is very easy to frame this, or any wall scroll on this site. Chinese brush paintings mounted on scrolls can easily be cut from the scroll and inserted into a frame. Even if  you little or no experience framing paintings you can still frame this artwork.

A horizontal Chinese scroll painting of red plum blossoms measuring 33x12 inches.

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Item Number: cas-5728

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