Large Chinese Calligraphy Kit
Our Chinese calligraphy kit offers everything you will need to begin painting Chinese calligraphy characters and comes packaged in a beautiful Chinese gift box.

This kit offers everything you will needed to start painting Chinese calligraphy characters and includes a complete calligraphy set. This kit also includes a set of large brushes, additional colored ink sticks, a calligraphy book with everlasting practice paper with Chinese symbols on each page that you paint using only water which may be used many times using only water and also 25 sheets of rice paper designed for calligraphy writing. The rice paper is in the form of an ancient Chinese rice paper book made just for calligraphy writing.

PLEASE NOTE: This Set DOES NOT include a carved seal, the carved seal is optional and must be added to this set by selecting that option from the drop down list below. There is an additional fee for carving the seal and there will be a delay in shipping of 3-5 days, due to the fact that we musthave the seal carved for you before shipping.

Your Chinese Calligraphy Kit Includes all of this:

1) Large Calligraphy Set

2) Seven Colors Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

3) Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25x10.25 Inches

4) Chinese Calligraphy Practice Book with Everlasting Paper

5) Set of 10 Large Calligraphy Brushes

Purchase these calligraphy items as a kit and save, all five items for one low price.

Individual Description of Items in Kit

The Large Calligraphy Set

An excellent Chinese calligraphy set for Chinese brush painting or calligraphy. The gift box measures 11 inches by 7.5 inches. This Chinese calligraphy set includes six brushes, an ink stone, ink stick, porcelain water dish, spoon mixer, seal, paper weight, porcelain brush rest and porcelain container of red seal ink. The seal needs to be carved if you intend to seal your finished artworks. We offer calligraphy sets which include a carved seal, however we will need an additional week to carve the seal. You may have your seal carved at a later date, or you may even be able to do it yourself, you just need patience, a translation of your name and possibly a book about Chinese seal carving.

Large Set of 10 Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

There are two types and five sizes of Chinese calligraphy brushes included in this brush set. These calligraphy brushes will produce very good brush strokes and they are perfectly suited for calligraphy painting. The size of the brush used will dictate the size of the calligraphy symbols you will be paint, so you will a variety of brush sizes for painting different Chinese characters and the different styles of calligraphy painting.

Chinese Ink Sticks in Seven Popular Colors

This ink stick set has seven large ink sticks in popular colors suitable for Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting. The ink sticks have a Chinese dragon on them and each measure 3x.75x.35 inches. Ink sticks have been used by Chinese artists for thousands of years for painting. Traditional ink sticks have an unlimited shelf life, can be used for many years and provide excellent results when used for calligraphy and watercolor painting.

Beginners Calligraphy Book of Popular Chinese Symbols

This beginners calligraphy practice book is made using everlasting paper, on which you paint using only water. Each page has popular Chinese symbols on it to make practicing much easier.

Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25x10.25 Inches

The rice paper in this ancient Chinese style calligraphy book is is a high quality paper made just for calligraphy painting.

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