Plum Blossoms and Birds Chinese Detail Painting Scroll Set
This wall scroll painting set depicts 4 beautiful plum blossoms and birds that are very popular and highly revered in China.Looking at this detail watercolor scroll painting, we can clearly see each individual flower petal's trace and the feathers of the birds. The calligraphy on the painting is written in the ancient Chinese style. From right to left, the big calligraphy of the first painting is ao (proud). The small words on the top means the fragrance red plum blossoms standing in the snow proudly.

The big word of the second painting is xin (strong and pervasive fragrance). The small words on the top means the auspicious and fragrance plum blossoms fuming the morning or evening glow to be rosy clouds. Purple means auspicious and noble in Chinese culture.

The big word of the third painting is qing (clear). The small words on the top means the clear and gorgeous plum blossoms can be contamination by the world.

The big word of last painting is gu (bone), means strength of spirit. The small words on the top means the lofty character raises justice. The Chinese culture commonly used plum blossoms refers has the strength of spirit.

The plum blossoms and birds detail Chinese painting scroll set measures approximately 9x40 inches.

Please Note: Each set is hand painted to order, ships in one week or less.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Each Scroll 9x40 Inches
Wall Scroll Color: Blue and White Silk
Item Number: bftl-4
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