Safe Calligraphy Symbol Chinese Painting 4x10
This Chinese symbol for safe means "Safety is Blessed and Every Year is Auspicious." This Chinese painting is ready to be framed in a standard 6 x 12 inch frame.The Chinese symbol for Safe shown in this image is a 100% hand painted artwork, and is sealed by the calligraphy artist. These small words mean Safety is Blessed and Every Year is Auspicious. This Safe symbol calligraphy painting is mounted on white poster board suitable for framing. The symbol for Safe calligraphy painting was painted on Beige rice paper by artist Ming Yue (Bright Moon) and the painting is 4 inches wide and 10 inches tall, a total of 6 x 12 inches including the white poster board backing material. The white poster board is about 1 inch larger than the calligraphy painting, and includes a printed black border which surrounds the the Safe calligraphy painting, so it is ready to be framed in a standard 6x12 inch frame. I have personally used 6x12 inch frames purchased at dollar stores for $1 and the resulting framed artworks were excellent. To view examples of how these calligraphy artworks can look framed, click the link below.

Framed Chinese Calligraphy Painting Examples


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